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Travel to India: Retreat

Learn or improve your level of Yoga in the place where this discipline was born more than 5000 years ago. In addition to being able to visit nearby temples, know the country and of course, take lessons from Professor Mihaela Letitia Veltan (Prema) in the southern Indian city Rajasthan. A space specially created for these withdrawals.

We want to offer the experience of practicing the discipline of yoga in their country of origin. Receiving a totally original teaching. In addition we would like to give you a chance you can share your experience with other lovers of discipline. You can visit nearby temples, know the country and of course, take lessons from ours teachers.






We will enjoy the teachings of Mihaela Letitia Veltan, TTC (Teacher Training Course) Course Teacher Training in 2014 and ATTC (Advanced Teacher Training Course) Advanced Course Teacher Training in 2015, made both in the International Organization Sivananda Vedanta, Rudraprayag India and approved by the International Yoga Alliance.


Currently completing training in AEROYoga with Rafael Martinez and Mihaela is instructor Sivananda Yoga in the center of Madrid and at our headquarters in Yogaya in Tenerife.








Trip to India: Shared retreat

Taj Mahal - Viaja a la india desde Canarias


Next date: 16 October to 2 November


It includes: 4 star hotels + 7 days Rajasthan (tourism agra, delhi, jaipur) and 7 days in Rishikesh and Himalaya (retirement - deepen and find oneself).

Cost: 1435 €

Download here and all information on the trip. (5 MB)

More information calling to (+34) 681 249 004 - (+34) 922 781 730 or writing to info@yogaya.es.


Just you have to worry about leaving you imbue the spirit of India!


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