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Travel to India: Retreat

Travel with Yoga


Travelling to know oneself, the culture of another country and learn from the best yoga teachers in the world. The experiences of Yoga organized in different cities in India, Thailand, Colombia, Peru and Spain allow you to improve the physical, emotional and mental level whatever your level of Yoga, while you do community with other lovers of discipline.

We propose different packages oriented sum of Yoga and culture of the place you visit, the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda (a program of purification and cleansing) or a yoga retreat that delves into the Pranayama (breathing techniques) with 6 hours daily practice. They include lodging, meals and classes in places where he was born and raised this ancient discipline.


Next travels:


  • Peru: July 2016
  • Tibet: September 2016
  • Thailandia: December 2016 y  January 2017 (Xmas)


  • India: October 2016
  • Colombia: March 2017
  • África: October 2017


More information calling to (+34) 681 249 004 - (+34) 922 781 730 or writing to info@yogaya.es.

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