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Our study is in Adeje, Tenerife, a town bathed by the Atlantic sea in the Canary Islands, Spain.

In it we teach Hatha Yoga classes tailored to different groups: children, elderly, pregnant, ...

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Classes for Children
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Classes for Seniors
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Classes for pregnant women.

This discipline is the foundation of the modern practice of Yoga and was born as a philosophy of life that allow you to improve your physical, mental and emotional state.

Consultation classes


The practice of yoga begins with breathing. There are many people who breathe incorrectly without realizing that the quality of breath depends on the quality of life. Proper regulation of breathing brings health and general welfare by allowing blood purification and elimination of toxins. In the Hatha Yoga states that where there is no breathing and mind where there is no mind breathing.

Pranayama, they are a set of techniques that regulate the breathing process, and whose main objectives are: to purify the physical body and the energy body, balance the flow of vital and mental energies, increasing the level of energy (prana) and regulate the flow prana to stabilize mental activity.

The duration of the class, depending on your level varies between an hour or an hour and a half.

Personalized classes

If your daily life go to some group classes with a fixed schedule is complicated you, we can offer custom classes. The main advantage is not only flexible working hours but also have a specialized teacher just for you, getting great progress much faster.

We have custom classes Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and also mediation for small groups with the same schedule. Classes can be face at home or work, or even online.


Guided meditation

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Meditation has many benefits for your well-being but start doing so can be tricky if you do not receive the appropriate indications.

The main goal of meditation is to concentrate and gradually relax the mind to liberate consciousness.

As you progress, you'll notice that you can meditate anytime, anywhere, with which you will achieve inner peace no matter what happens around you.





Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga is an ancient practice that expands the traditional individual vision of Yoga within the sphere of relations. Pather Yoga The postures (Asanas) used in this variant forms and principles of the individual positions, but incorporating the presence and contact with the other. In addition, better performance is obtained thanks to the other physically helps you give more than you. Who leads a good practice of Yoga Partner notice improvements in both personal and of relationship. This discipline increases the harmony and intensity of life partner, also in the private sphere, through greater complicity of the two.

AeroYoga®  (Air Yoga ©)

  The Aeroyoga ® seeks holistic, physical, emotional and mental personal growth through yoga postures suspended. The idea is that attention and awareness of students is full on physical, emotional and respiratory processes. So a class is a real comprehensive coaching to enhance all aspects of being. Created and patented by Rafael Martinez, breathing and postural correction are the protagonists of this discipline suitable for all audiences. Use the suspension and weightlessness in a special swing to promote creativity, unlocking, tone, muscle definition and rejuvenation. After class we feel a deep relaxation and stress loss. Our teachers are certified by Aeroyoga ® Institute in Madrid.  


Teacher training

We train new professionals who want to make their passion a way of life. We work with Aero Institute Yoga ® so you can make your course in Tenerife. Our courses Hatha Yoga and Yoga ® Aero (200 or 500 hours) are certified by Yoga Alliance.    

You can also find us

We work with high performance sports centers and spas, you can also find us on Spacio Aqua YT3 or 10 in southern Tenerife.

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
09:00  Complejo Deportivo Pancracio Socas  Vacant  Complejo Deportivo Pancracio Socas  Vacant Vacant   Vacant
11:00  Hotel Be Live Experience Templo Hindú Torviscas Vacant  Templo Hindú Torviscas  Templo Hindu Torviscas  Vacant
15:30  ULL Universidad la Laguna  Vacant ULL Universidad la Laguna  Vacant  Vacant  Vacant
17:00  Vacant  Vacant  Vacant  Centro Penitenciario  Vacant  Vacant
19:00  Complejo Deportivo Pancracio Socas  Spacio 10 Complejo Deportivo Pancracio Socas  Vacant  Spacio 10  Vacant
20:30  Vacant  Vacant Hotel Be Live Experience  Vacant  Vacant  Vacant
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Fees, bonuses and discounts




45 €

3 classes



Month & 1/2

Beginner course

  • (3 levels)

10 €


One classe

  • In the class schedule

40 €


At home

  • Displacement included


10 classes

Bono Childers

  • Group minimum 3 people


Officials: 15%   Third Age: 25%



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