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Yoga & Wellness in hotels

This service enables hotels to offer their customers not only Yoga classes taught by professional specialists, guiding your vacation to rest, the well-being and contact with oneself, but also a wide variety of wellness services, ayurveda .. . thus, your hotel need not have a large staff to provide customers a full range of wellness-related services.

For customers is an added value to maintain their usual routine practice of Yoga and, for the uninitiated, the time of the holidays is the ideal place to try something new, relax and start practicing this discipline. The related wellness (massages, healthy eating ...) services are increasingly demanded and appreciated.


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ayurveda wellness yogaya

It was developed in India more than 6,000 years ago. The word Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit ayus and veda -vida- -science or knowledge- translates as "knowledge or science of life" and is a natural way to create balance and strengthen self-healing capabilities of the body.

The sum ayurveda treatments, massages, oils, exercise, diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, aromas, music ... to achieve the desired effects. We will go to your hotel customers to benefit from the benefits of this ancient discipline.

In addition, our specialists are ready to train your team in all these techniques.

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