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Companies and corporations

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If you have a gym and need Yoga teachers our professionals can adapt to different types of groups and levels.

They can also benefit businesses, corporations, rehabilitation centers, educational, maternity ... of our teachers both in their own company and organization in the study.



Our classes will help you to improve performance and productivity of your business through a positive work environment through meditation, breathing techniques, relaxation and Asanas.

Every day more companies recognize the great contribution of Yoga as a tool to combat work-related stress, organizing courses for employees in order to relieve stress and increase productivity.

It is shown as a regular practice of yoga improves strength, flexibility, reduces stress, mental and physical stress; eradicating fatigue and significantly increasing harmony and productivity of the entire workplace.


Yoga, through physical and mental practice, is a great contribution to achieve have the best of pregnancies and births possible, providing from the very beginning the child a positive environment for growth.

It is recognized that a good practice of Yoga postures avoids problems such as excess weight, stretch marks and back pain, while meditation, relaxation and breathing help face the entire process from conception, birth and upbringing with greater security and calm.



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