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What began as a group of teachers trained under the same lineage of Yoga in India has gone on to become a project with services designed to meet different needs.

Yoga en hoteles de Tenerife y Canarias - YogaYA

On the one hand, the hotel industry offer the possibility of true professionals both Yoga and other disciplines of wellness without the need to expand their workforces. In addition, we can train your teams so that they become real specialists in these matters You want to know everything that we can help you offer customers your hotel? Here you have all the info.

These services may also be useful in addition to spas, high performance sports center, rehabilitation, education and, of course, companies and corporations that want their employees or users benefit from the virtues of the practice of Yoga.

Yoga y Aeroyoga, Pranayama, Meditación Guiada y auténticas experiencias para profundizar en tu conocimiento del Yoga


For you, you want to improve your physical, mental and spiritual condition, we can offer the best Yoga teachers and Aeroyoga, Pranayama, Meditation Guided and authentic experiences to deepen your knowledge of Yoga and yourself with trips to cities around the world in which several hours of practice a day will only be a part of your retirement or vacation. But no need to go so far to live a few different days: how would you like to navigate between the Canary Islands and receive Yoga classes coves that can only be accessed by boat?

Look at all possibilities.

Also, if you enjoy the Yoga and AeroYoga we will provide you to become certified Yoga teacher by Allience.

What if you turn your passion into your way of life?

If you fancy reading this part of our team, we continue to grow with you.

Use this form to send us your contact details and CV We are looking for professionals in different countries!

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